We are not a referral service or agency. When you call us we actually show up and complete your repairs. No finger pointing. No highest bidder referrals just quality repairs.

We have been providing home repair and remodeling since 1998.

As an award winning industry leader our focus on quality is proven by the fact that we have a higher online rating, longer history, higher number of reviews from more diverse sources than all of our competition.

Background checked & approved

Over 300 Five Star Reviews


Shouldn’t you have a personal spa? Our designers can help you plan out a great bathroom and we’ll get you the material and install it for you too.


Is it time for you to have a beautiful kitchen? We can help you with everything from your cabinet layout to giving you a good deal on your new appliances and even installing them.


There are many reasons why individuals choose to add on to their homes. Whether you’re looking to grow your family, add needed extra storage space Or additional garage, add apartment for elderly parents or if you’ve decided to finally build the game room or den you’ve been dreaming of, home addition is an affordable and convenient alternative to the arduous task of purchasing a new home. After all, a house is a fully customizable space, so why not take full advantage of that? Home addition projects can range from something as straightforward as the creation of a new room to the addition of a whole new level to your house, as well as things like the construction of a pool or guest house. Not only do home additions increase the amount of enjoyment you’ll get out of your property, it also goes a long way towards boosting the curb appeal and value of the house. Partnering with Monroe Diversified Companies Inc. home addition services, you get to keep all the things you love about your existing home, while adding what’s been missing all along. Save yourself the struggle of trying to find a new house that perfectly matches what you’re looking for, and instead custom-tailor your current home to one that has everything you could ever need.


We are IRI certified for water damage and mold removal and treatment. Unlike most companies, who only remove drywall and flooring and dry out affected areas, we can make the necessary repairs to have your home looking fresh and new again.



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